💨Transaction Gas Fee Sponsorship & Account Abstraction

Transaction Gas Fee Sponsorship is a feature we implemented on UCollectME to revolutionize the transaction experience by eliminating user fees. This innovation is made possible by integrating Account Abstraction (AA), a cutting-edge standard in the industry that ensures future-proof alignment with evolving technologies. This documentation provides an overview of Gas Fee Sponsorship and highlights the implementation of Account Abstraction, particularly referencing the ERC-4773 standard.

Account Abstraction (AA) Overview: As defined by the ERC-4773 standard, Account Abstraction is a pioneering approach that enhances the efficiency and flexibility of transactions. We have successfully implemented AA to provide users with advanced features and benefits. To comply with industry standards and ensure future compatibility, we utilize the AA framework from ZeroDev, accessible at https://zerodev.app/.

Key Features Enabled by Account Abstraction

  • Gas Fee Elimination: We leverage AA to eliminate gas fees for users, ensuring a seamless and cost-free transaction experience.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: AA provides a more flexible transaction environment, enabling the implementation of innovative features and functionalities.

Benefits of Gas Fee Elimination

With Gas Fee Elimination through AA, UCollectME offers users a direct and substantial benefit. Users can save between 0.01 USD to 0.5 USD per transaction. This translates into a fee-free transaction experience, allowing users to retain more value from their transactions on the Polygon network.

Our Commitment: We are dedicated to providing an enhanced and efficient transaction experience on the Polygon network. By aligning with industry standards and incorporating innovative features, we aim to elevate the overall user experience while ensuring future-proof compatibility.

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