Free Mint through Social Actions

Free Mint through Social Actions enables you, as a community builder, to acknowledge and reward your most dedicated fans. Those who actively engage with your social media accounts by performing actions such as liking a video, subscribing to a YouTube channel, or leaving a comment can be recognized with a special NFT.

Our strategy is designed to evolve the loyalty program and strengthen the bond between creators and their supporters by leveraging the power of social actions. By offering free mints in exchange for routine engagements, these interactions transform into meaningful contributions, turning supporters into active contributors to the community's growth.

The recognition of these social actions with a special token adds an element of exclusivity and value. Similar to a digital badge, this token becomes a collectible item that supporters can proudly showcase as a symbol of their loyalty and engagement. Placing these tokens in a collection to unlock greater prizes introduces gamification, encouraging supporters to participate further and invest in the community.

Aligned with the principles of Web3, our strategy utilizes digital ownership as a tool for self-expression and identity-building. UCollectME's approach taps into the essence of NFTs; these tokens are not just rewards but digital artifacts shaping the identity of users within the community.

Moreover, this initiative fosters community-led development, with supporters actively contributing to the growth and evolution of the brand or content creator's ecosystem. This approach's transparent and participative nature resonates with the ethos of Web3, where communities play a pivotal role in shaping brands' culture and identity.

On, social actions for YouTube, Discord, Twitch, and LinkedIn are now available.


  • Like a Video

  • Subscribe to a channel

  • Comment a Video


  • Member of a server

  • Role in a Server


  • Channel follow

  • Channel Subscribe


  • Comment a Post

  • Like a Post

  • Reshare of a post through Linkedin

We are working on including major social media platforms, so please check this page again in the next few weeks for updates.

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For more information about how the roles work, please visit Unlock: Contract Management

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