1️⃣How to Create an account

How to Create an Account on UCollectME

Creating an account on UCollectME is a quick process that takes less than a minute. Follow these steps:

  1. In the page's upper right corner, click "Log in / Sign Up."

  2. There is a single button for both signing up as a new UCollect.me user and logging in, so use the same button next time you join.

  3. Decide on your preferred method of signing up. You can choose from:

    • Your email

    • A Google Account

    • A Discord Account

    • A GitHub Account

    • A LinkedIn Account

    • An Apple Account

    • A Wallet

  4. After clicking "Submit," you will receive a code on your email that you need to enter.

  5. Choose the account role that best suits you:

    • Supporter, if you want to support your favorite builders

    • Community Builder, to unleash your creativity

Are you a supporter?

To complete your account on UCollectME, follow these additional steps:

  1. Add Your Name:

    • Enter your preferred name to personalize your account.

  2. Upload a Picture:

    • Upload a profile picture to enhance your presence on UCollectME.

  3. Provide Relevant Information:

    • Optionally, share any relevant information about yourself that you feel comfortable disclosing. This could include a brief bio, interests, or any other details you want to share.

  4. Select 3 Creative Categories:

    • Choose three creative categories that represent your interests or areas of expertise. This will help UCollectME show you the accounts that are most relevant to you.

Remember, providing this information is optional; you can only share what you feel comfortable with. This additional information will help tailor your UCollectME experience to match your interests and preferences better.

Are you a community builder?

To complete your account on UCollectME, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Purple User Icon:

    • On the page's upper right corner, click the purple user icon

  2. Go to Account Settings:

    • Navigate to "Account Settings" to make changes and complete your profile.

  3. Complete Your Profile:

    • Add your name and any other information you feel comfortable sharing. Remember, no information is mandatory.

  4. Choose 3 Creative Categories:

    • Select three creative categories that best represent your interests. You can be a supporter, too, so these categories will help UCollectME show you the most relevant profiles.

  5. Visit the Builder Page:

    • Go to the Builder Page to provide more detailed information about your project. Share what makes your project unique, what you'll provide to your supporters, and your personal story. Add the categories that best represent your project so that your profile will be shown to interested people.

  6. Add a Relevant Profile Picture and Banner:

    • Upload a profile picture and banner that accurately represent your project and personality. This will help your supporters easily recognize you.

Remember, all this information is optional, and you can share only what you are comfortable with. Adding these details will make your UCollectME experience more personalized and help connect you with like-minded supporters and creators.

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