How to buy a membership

Hey! Congratulations on creating your account on UCollectME! Now, it's time to support your favorite community builders. How? By claiming their utilities, sharing their posts, and buying their memberships. Many of them are offering free memberships. It's a great way to start, isn't it?

Buying a membership is really easy. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Explore Page, choose your favorite community builder.

  2. Go to their Board by clicking on their name.

  3. In the banner, select "Token Memberships."

  4. Choose the membership you want to buy, then click "Subscribe now."

  5. A recap of the membership will open on the right side of the page.

  6. Click on "Get it for free" if the membership is free OR "Buy now" if the membership is on sale.

  7. Let the magic work, and easy peasy, you are now a proud owner of a Token Membership!

What can you do now? You can unlock all the content included with the membership. Check out how to do it here! -> [Include link to the relevant guide or instructions]

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